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Massive upgradeintegration of animationgame industry
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With the continuous development of China’s animation industry, animation creation team of new faces. The picture shows at the China International Animation Game Expo, China’s famous animation director, "the father of black sergeant," Dai Tielang Expo exhibition in the great interest of our young people watch the latest anime cartoonist.

The level of animation creation on behalf of "Fuwa", "black sergeant," and so on, not only by domestic audiences, and has been to the world.

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China’s cartoon TV series production increased from 80,000 minutes to 220,000 minutes, the number increased from 12 to 42, comic books in circulation at 30 million, based on doubling, new media animation products is less than 20,000 from a substantial increase to 10 million pieces.

New form of momentum grows louder

Recently, the Ministry of Culture "issued by China’s online game market in 2010 annual report" 2010 Internet and mobile gaming market totaled 34.9 billion, growth of 26.2%. Internet game in which 32.3 billion, growth of 25.2%; 2.6 billion mobile gaming growth rate of 40.7%. In addition to Internet gaming and mobile gaming outside the movies, Radio and TV Network games have gradually formed a noteworthy market.

Behind the new data, structural adjustment as animation and game industry over the past 5 years, the development of a distinctive feature. Especially the online games market in 2010, clearly demonstrated the three structural changes: First, the Internet gaming market, web gaming market share increased by 4.27 percentage points over the previous year; the second is mobile gaming market is growing faster than the Internet game The ratio of the first increase in 5 years, an increase of 0.7 percentage points; and third tier companies competitive structure is the overall decline in the overall rise in second-tier corporate changes. Experts believe that these changes indicates that, after years of rapid development, China’s cartoon industry has been close to upgrade and integration of online games stage, small, scattered, weak situation is about to change.

Internet and mobile networks based on new industry developed rapidly in recent years, has become industry-wide integration of resources to promote a strong clue. In the second session of the new media seminar on animation and game industry, the Ministry of Culture Li Xiaolei, deputy director of the cultural industry, said the extensive application of high technology has brought to the animation industry, the development of more favorable conditions to digital, networked, multimedia into the direction of the high-tech research and development applications, to include animation of cultural products, including production, distribution and consumption to provide a new channel and space. Especially mobile phone animation, represented the rapid development of new media animation, animation industry has become a new growth point and an important breakthrough. He pointed out that considerations based on four factors, new media animation industry in the "second five year" period to usher in a period of rapid development.

First, China has accumulated a large number of new media users. According to statistics, more than 800 million mobile phone users, over 400 million Internet users, the animation industry for the development of new media has laid a good foundation.

Second, new media technology updates to the development of animation industry provides a good environment. Mobile phones and other new media technologies Quick update, the player advances in technology, expanding the screen, battery life extension, cell phone animations, cell phone game production quality and broadcast animation effects are rapidly upgrading to provide users with more and better choices.

Third, quality work continue to emerge. Chinese original animation to support the plan, China Programme and the Chinese original animation original animation and game competition held mobile phone, launched a number of outstanding original works and new media animation team, and gradually began to form a complete industrial chain.

Fourth, the strong support. The central government this year, mobile phone animation public service platform for building additional investment, the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Industry and other relevant departments are making efforts to promote the introduction of relevant standards, specifically the construction of China Mobile, mobile phone animation, mobile animation and game base, which are for the development of new media animation create a good environment.

In fact, as the representative of the animation anime cell phone game industry has become a new industry restructuring in some enterprises and local development of a breakthrough. According to Director of the Office of Hunan Province Zhou Yong Jin Jieshao culture, relying on the new media, animation and game industries, animation and game industry in Hunan strong momentum in recent years. The second batch of national key animation business award ceremony, there are six animation companies in Hunan Province was identified as a key national animation companies; State Administration of Radio 4 assessed Award nomination in the best animation companies, the province’s Blue Cat cartoon Co., Ltd. and Hong cat cartoon Limited removal of the crown. At the same time, the Mainland of China held its 5 th consecutive game mobile phone animation contest, gave birth to new industries and value chains, the exchange with Taiwan by sea animation and game enterprises depth cooperation, the implementation of cross-strait animation and game industry, complementary resources, is building a series of quality work.

Preliminary essay technological bottlenecks

Not long ago, the Ministry of Culture of China’s online game publishing original technology to guide the project results - visual prototype editor online game creation tool. Conference, a live demonstration of the use of R & D team mouse click, drag and other simple ways to complete the geographical design of the task settings, characters, easy to help people put ideas into the minds of visual effects. The person in charge said that the tools for small and medium enterprises will play online games ideas into prototypes quickly to provide good technical support team to reduce project risk online game original, more creative, fast growth, and enhance the industry’s innovation capability. Part of the game animation base, universities and SMEs have been the results obtained free of charge.

Experts also said that in recent years, China’s animation and game market is expanding, but there are still many obstacles to further expand the market problems, which highlights the technical bottleneck of more attention. Animation industry, the high equipment and software prohibitive to many small and medium enterprises, to a certain extent, caused by the animation industry in China has long laid emphasis on the visual content creation, less demanding young children.

For this reason, authorities are taking the construction of public technical service platform, enabling technologies and other measures to promote R & D projects to guide issues. Shanghai Animation Public Service Platform COO Zhang Weida said that after years of exploration, the Shanghai Animation Public Service Platform has accumulated a lot of technical services to enhance quality and effective method. For example, a relatively mature field of film technology into animation production and joint development with universities and other related software applications. Small and medium enterprises in the service departments animation, post-production equipment for free, while also continue to sum up business needs, and continuously into the new line of exploration. Ministry of Culture, Tuo Zuhai, deputy director of marketing, said the prototype editor online game creation tool visual development success is only a beginning, in the future the Ministry of Culture in conjunction with other relevant departments will continue to follow the market demand for small and medium enterprise development to provide more animation game technical help.

Overall, after several years of rapid development in technology, operations and management of different aspects of a unique group of animation and game companies are growing. As industry experts said, in the context of new technological developments of the birth of animation and game industry, from the outset, institutional mechanisms have the advantage of the market in the face to obtain a rapid development process, grab the opportunity. Although the development time is shorter, there are still many stages, but through the integration of various resources, will contribute to a relatively weak animation and game industry through the development of faster, including the resource-based industrial chain integration, and traditional culture integration of resources and so on. Only in this way, the animation can quickly form their own online games business core competencies, even better, longer.