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We mainly provide you with three perfect service methods, which are pre-sales service, sale service and after-sales service.

Pre-sales services: before selling products, we provide customers with market research, product design,providing manuals and environmental testing certificates, providing advisory services.

Sales services: in the process of product transactions, we provide buyers with reception services, commodity packaging services, product quality monitoring services.

After sale service: we provide services that are related to the products sold and beneficial to buyer's characteristics, mainly including delivery, product exchange, maintenance, use of technical training and other services.

In order to optimize the customer experience, we also provide the following services.

Customer analysis

Such services are responsible for the collection, management, analysis, application of customer data, support for marketing, sales and services. Specific services include: analysis / data mining services, data preparation and reinforcement, promotion activities management / implementation, customer centric data warehouse development, customer data integration services, customer data analysis services.

customer service

This kind of activity refers to the process of communicating with customers. It is responsible for dealing with invoice request, account maintenance, service distribution, time arrangement, general information consultation, etc.. Customer service is usually carried out by telephone, but also through e-mail, enterprise official WeChat, official micro-blog, enterprise QQ and other ways to interact.

Fulfillment of order

Such services are composed of front customer interaction center services and real-time order management, automated payment processing, back office logistics and return logistics, providing support for the fulfillment of product orders. Integrated distribution services also include inventory, transportation and warehouse management.All our efforts create only the best interests for our customers!
Our aim is to survive by quality, punctual delivery, customer first!