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China‘s toy market prospects, with a large market potential
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Relevant statistics, children under the age of 16, 3.8 million, of which the total number of child accounts for 34% of children, to 129 million. Total consumption in children, children‘s toys from last year‘s growth of 5% to 8% this year. Children and parents from the visit, have felt their awareness and demand for toys, gradually increasing, plush toys, is more and more people of all ages. Plush toys are no longer just a childish time with people the stage accompanied by product, but in different forms of life associated with people. Function from a simple toy parental tools, turning people from seeking health, happiness, lifestyle, fashion and other material carriers. People also use it as decoration, gifts and gift friends and family to share, add a bit to make life interesting. At present the average monthly pocket money of children in large cities was 176 yuan, a great impact on household consumption. Since most young couples are modern families only one child, the parents are willing to spend on them.

According to the survey, the purchase of learning tools and toys, children make decisions by 59%, as entertainment, as determined by the proportion of children has more than 50%. According to statistics, the domestic urban children toys consumption per capita per year about 35 yuan (RMB), children less than 10 yuan in rural areas, urban adults, 12 yuan, rural adults are almost zero. Per family of three spending at least 10 yuan every year to buy a toy calculation, the annual consumption of up to 40 billion toy. With the improvement of living conditions of domestic residents, toy consumption will be higher. Children in urban areas is estimated that the average person has 10 to 15 toys. However, there is a plush toy, mostly three non-product safety problems large, unhealthy, non-environmentally friendly, poor quality, low prices, not a series, the lack of consumer confidence in the country do not have a national toy brands , while foreign brands have already set up offices through sales agents or other forms to enter the mainland market. its expensive for many consumers to stay away. Market outlook: China‘s low per capita consumption level of toys, but with the rapid development of China‘s national economy and the continuous improvement of living standards at home, the Chinese toy market will gradually show amazing potential. According to a survey conducted abroad: plush toy is a selection of European parents give their children preferred toys, toys on the European per capita spent on costs ($ 144) is much higher than China and Asia (13 dollars) and other developing countries, as only inferior to the United States (340 U.S. dollars) in the second-largest toy consumption market, and Asian countries, per capita consumption of less than toys, one-tenth of Europe. According to the China Toy Association and the China Social Survey Office survey shows that China now has 200 million 86 million the age of 14 children and adolescents. Their average annual per capita consumption of only 20 toys yuan ($ 2.4) to 30 yuan (3.6 U.S. dollars) yuan, much lower than the Asian children 13 U.S. dollars per capita consumption of toys and toys, children around the world per capita consumption of 34 dollars. If China‘s toy consumption to reach the Asian average, the market size is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan.

In addition, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council published "China‘s toy market," a comprehensive survey report is expected in the future China will be the toy market is growing 40% annually to 2012, sales of more than 100 billion yuan.