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Yiwu toy market report 2011
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April 8, in the market to see dazzling variety of toys, mainly some toys and stuffed toys, mostly electric. There are a number of educational toys on the market from the other new toys. Interviewed several business people, now 4 到 May will be hot on some of the toy market, toy sales than last month, there will be a significant price increase. Yiwu International Trade City to interview the majority of the toys or sales abroad, an owner said, just have a foreign order for 10 million toy orders for the past few years there because of some raw materials costs, prices rose toys a lot. Chinese toy production costs are relatively much lower overseas, so many foreign toy vendors, spotted this toy producers in China, the major procurement markets on China the past few years, China‘s toy industry is developing very fast, in the toy production level and design of the above have made rapid development, many of the quality requirements are achieved international certification. Plenty of room for the Chinese toy market, the domestic toy sales this year will break through the sales of previous years. Most Chinese children are now 80 years after her mother, educational toys toy market will account for future market development in an important position.