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Young trendsetter love Vinyl Doll
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Believe there is a shadow with every child in the process of growth, in a sense, a child means a doll, doll and also means children. But the day before the reporter visited the market to see the young trendsetter scene let people get together to buy the doll by feeling, the original young trendsetter love doll.
Guangzhou Hongkong popular "vinyl doll"
The reporters found that the Guangzhou traditional "Clay Doll" scene no longer, instead it is in Hongkong fiery "Vinyl Doll", a variety of strange, exaggerated, lively style "Vinyl Doll" is becoming a new favorite trendsetter in Guangzhou.
The reporter saw a lot of odd shape and sizes of the vinyl doll in a model shop in Guangzhou of the cartoon star, such as wearing fashionable blonde, wearing full armor of the space marine, head is larger than the body of elves, hilarious comic figure statue, with its unique charm of exaggeration and abstraction, informal attracts boys and girls who. According to the boss, most of the customers who buy Dolls here are young people, even busy at weekends or holidays.
The model shop owner Chen, general materials just do vinyl toys, vinyl doll is hollow inside and outside smooth and elastic, and doll "body" is not a whole, it consists of different parts together, they can be a game player "whole" home tours also play. Can buy a bunch of "parts" themselves slowly tiling, enjoy the joy of creation. In addition, the design of Vinyl Doll exaggeration, abstract and informal, emphasis on personality, very much in line with the concept of modern people, it is also the main reason for its popularity. In addition to the Guangzhou Metro in the anime, some boutiques in Guangzhou City, Guangdong province Dongchuan Road, near the museum, can also see young people pick Vinyl Doll figure. "At the Guangzhou University, he often orders directly from the store owner," he explained with smile, so that he can get the latest and best style.
It is worth mentioning that the vinyl doll was not "Clay Doll", becoming a popular toy, a limited number of Vinyl Doll, a few dozens, but one thousand or two thousand. At the same time to ensure its personalized, high price, a Vinyl Doll hundreds or even thousands of yuan, so playing Vinyl Doll who can take care of your own purse.
Nostalgic toys appear in model stores
All things have people love, modern people like to collect, some like collecting art, some like collecting stones, and collection of toys has become a fashion. The purpose of collecting toys is not the same, children collect toys is love to play value, friends collect toys is to cherish the memory of childhood, back to the past innocence. Model shop boss Chen told reporters that the doll as a trend of industry, like the fashion industry, recently nostalgic wind blowing doll, in addition to deformation of steel, Shrek, Dr. IQ and Longzhu nostalgic toys also appeared frequently in the model shop window.
You can't find your favorite anime character model, and in the era of universal DIY, you can also develop your favorite original cartoon character model. Reporter visited the market found that many toy store or shop model have launched DIY services, customers can choose their most love cartoon character DIY to the pillow, cups, clothes, and even comic character models to customize their own love, you can choose the character model size and height, but the entire production cycle is longer, probably need for a week, and the price is also more expensive, each ranging from 200 yuan ~600 yuan.