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"Pleasant" was the acquisition of derivatives dealers, deep impact remains to be seen
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Film "Astro Boy" manufacturer, Hong Kong listed company Imagi International has announced to spend 814 million dollar acquisition of animation train Group, which managed and owned "Goat and Big Big Wolf" cartoon portraits are trademarks and copyright.

Cartoon Train Group and "radiant with the Wolf" in the original key creative Fang Guangdong Power Company is a strategic business partner. Creative Power with "Goat and Big Big Wolf" copyright, in charge of the animated television, film, publishing and other media content production and broadcast, animation train responsible for its consumer products licensing business.

The acquisition involves only "Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf," the consumer licensing business, excluding its content production and broadcast business. Wu Tun, director of the original dynamic publicity, said the acquisition has nothing to do with the original power, inconvenience comment.

Imagi International said in 2011 and 2016, will work with the original power and other partners to launch 3 "Goat and Big Big Wolf" movies, including use of 3D technology will produce. Some analysts worry that the Club intended to start from the consumer products licensing business, and gradually master the "Pleasant" brand. Experts said the depth of the impact of acquisitions remains to be seen.